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Polyland is a fantasy world where the clans of titans, orcs, elves, dwarfs, druids, cyclops and trolls are all fighting for the honour and domination. The dwellers of the woods, highlands, deserts, caves and swaps of Polyland are waiting for a hero to restore balance and bring peace. Each NFT holder will own a character with a specific set of skills and a NFT of character skin. Characters will then combat for the throne in the Stories of Polyland game.


Sale Information

Presale (Date: 16. September 16:00 UTC)

500 NFTs
1 NFT = 10 MATIC
(100 NFTS)
1 NFT = 60 MATIC
(400 NFTS)

Official Sale (Date: 17. September 16:00 UTC)

9400 NFTs
1 NFT = 60 MATIC
(500 - 1000 NFTS)
1 NFT = 70 MATIC
(1000 - 2000 NFTS)
1 NFT = 80 MATIC
(2000 - 4000 NFTS)
1 NFT = 90 MATIC
(4000 - 8000 NFTS)
1 NFT = 100 MATIC
(8000 - 9900 NFTS)
100 NFTs are reserved for Marketing and Giveaways.


The trajectory is clear and ambitious. Our aim is to consistently partner and collaborate with individuals and institutions that can leverage and utilise our unique idea. Partnerships will be announced throughout the year as agreements are finalised. The people of Polyland are counting on us.

Special Offer

16. September 2021

We will enable our supporters to buy 500 Stories of Polyland loots in the presale.

It's Showtime!

17. September 2021

Official Sale starts.

A Small Thank You

20% of sold loot

Special Giveaway to our supporters.

Tell Us What You Want

50% of sold loot

A fund of $25.000 will be set aside for a community-voted idea.

The Final Reveal

100% of sold loot

Stories of Polyland will be revealed.

Let's Do It Together!

Q4 of 2021

We are working on something big. More to follow after the sale.



Lucky Orc
Olaf the Dwarf
Glorious Khan
Aurora the Elf
Virtuous Druid